There’s no such thing as other people’s grandparents

Our goal is to build a big support system for the elderly who may be isolated, displaced, too vulnerable to move away from the dangerous zone or in a tough financial situation.

Patronage Platform directly connects you to elderly people in need, so you can help with essentials like food, medicine and companionship.

We’re taking care of 650 grandmas and grandpas. Our volunteers personally deliver help once a month and always stay in touch.


It gives a lot of hope to know that you are
not alone


Your donations are 100% tax-deductible

And always converted into deep gratitude

Let’s partner up

Your business can make much more. It can make a difference.

Our platform is easy to use. Here’s how it works:

Browse our profiles of the elderly in need

Choose an elderly person you would like to support or donate in general, and we’ll direct your help to the person who needs it most

Make a donation

Receive a financial report and unique content with the elderly you are supporting

Get a receipt via email, send it to the IRS, and feel good about your taxes making an actual difference to someone

Meet Our Elderlies