We work with children affected by war

Some of them lost a parent, some live in fear of losing parents who joined the Armed Forces. Our children have to adapt to the new life between the sirens and hiding in bomb shelters.

It breaks our hearts every time we see a kid get a jump scare from any loud sound. No child should ever live in fear of death

Our big mission is to open Litokryl in every part of the world where children need help

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Small One’s Big Stories

Trying our best to raise the happy and intelligent people of the future

We’ve noticed big improvements in our kids over just a short time together. Plus, their parents tell us that children are now showing more resilience and confidence even at home. We’re super proud of them!

Our programs

Individual and group therapy sessions

Art & music therapy

Theatrical expressions

Skill-building workshops

Join us in guarding the realm of childhood

We rely on the support of individuals like you. By becoming a Rescue Now Resident Patreon, you can make a real difference in children’s lives.

As a thank you, we share exclusive content of children’s drawings, stories and photos from Litokryl’s life. You can actually see the impact of your donation.