Evacuation from Vovchansk

Once upon a time, about 17 thousand people lived in Vovchansk. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, many people have left, but thousands have remained there. The 5 km to the russian border was a sentence for the locals, because for 2 years people were forced to live without electricity. And also without access to hot water, communication, fresh food, heat and gas. As people later told us, the enemy’s shelling was regular, but not as intense. 

Our team is aware of the acute problem with electricity in the eastern regions of Ukraine. That is why we have accumulated a lot of efforts to help cope with these challenges. Specifically, we are looking for partners and sponsors to help us deliver generators, fuel briquettes and heaters to Kherson, Kharkiv and Dnipro regions. 

After the shelling at the end of March 2024, the issue of generators became acute again. we quickly raised funds and on April 2 reported on the delivery of 10 generators for 7 villages of the Vovchansk community

A few weeks later, we had to write a new message: “We are organizing an evacuation from Vovchansk” because we know that it is possible to live without electricity, but not under minute-by-minute shelling.

Street battles, CABs and MLRS, lack of mobile communication with residents complicate our work.

We provide assistance to evacuees in our Kharkiv hub or at our partners’ evacuation points. In 1.5 weeks since the beginning of the second offensive, we have managed to evacuate X number of people. Among them are a mother with 8 children, a man who took only his pregnant cat, and dozens more Ukrainians who lost their homes and are once again under the threat of occupation.

We need help. And the people of Vovchansk need a chance to evacuate.