Celebrities who visited Ukraine personally to show their support

The support of celebrities and thought leaders worldwide has warmed Ukrainian hearts and funded many initiatives, for which every Ukrainian is very grateful. Hundreds of people went above and beyond to show their solidarity with Ukraine, and dozens visited Ukraine personally. Here are some of them.

Angelina Jolie

The visit of Angelina Jolie in April 2022 was one of the most surprising ones. A picture of her in a cafe in Lviv first appeared on Ukrainian Twitter. During her trip, she met with the victims of the attack on the train station in Kramatorsk and internally displaced people who moved to Lviv after the start of the full-scale invasion. Notably, she also became a star of many Ukrainian memes.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn arrived in Ukraine right before the start of the full-scale invasion. Since then, he has visited Ukraine multiple times to show his support, meeting President Zelensky. The filmmaker gifted Zelensky his Oscar statue as a symbol of his faith in Ukraine’s victory. Besides, he founded a charity organization and directed a documentary about Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson, known for his role as King Jeoffrey in Game of Thrones, visited Ukraine in February 2023. He hosted an acting workshop in Kyiv and met with Ukrainian defenders, giving them a car that he purchased with his friends. He also participated in many auctions and fundraisers, showing his continuous support of Ukraine.

Liev Schreiber

American filmmaker Liev Schreiber is another celebrity who has visited Ukraine multiple times. His maternal grandfather was a Jewish Ukrainian immigrant to the US, so his connection to Ukraine goes way back. First, he arrived in Przemysl in 2020 to join the team of World Central Kitchen and cook for Ukrainian refugees who were crossing the Polish border. Later, he became one of the first UNITED24 ambassadors, met with President Zelensky, and co-founded BlueCheck Ukraine, an organization that identifies, vets, and fast-tracks urgent financial aid to Ukrainian NGOs. 

Jessica Chastain

When American actress Jessica Chastain asked her Ukrainian friends what she could do to help, they told her she could pay a visit and see everything with her own eyes, which is exactly what she did. In 2022, she visited the patients of the children’s hospital in Kyiv, met with President Zelensky, and met with the residents of Irpin, whose homes were severely damaged by the Russian army. 

Whether you’re an A-list celebrity or just a supporter of Ukraine, no one’s help is taken for granted. Spread the word, support Ukrainian businesses and creators, volunteer, and, if you can, donate to organizations that help on the ground. By donating to Rescue Now, you can support the psychological rehabilitation of Ukrainian children, the care for the Ukrainian elderly, and our rapid response missions. Each minute and every penny counts.

Shaughn, Rescue Now volunteer from the USA, Kharkiv